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Leadership Legal Aid

MIE - Leadership Legal AidMIE designs and delivers custom leadership training for advocates and all staff members of legal aid programs. This training is rooted in MIE’s Principles of Leadership in the Legal Aid Community. The training may be delivered within a program, or among multiple programs with a state or region of a state. It offers the opportunity for collaborative advocacy work among staff and programs.

By participating in MIE’s Leadership Legal Aid, advocates and staff will:

  • build a personal capacity to lead
  • develop skills to help the organization become better managed and more accountable
  • access tools and resources to help in work
  • learn through interaction and support of instructors and peers and through more traditional training
  • increase cross cultural effectiveness
  • build a support network with other legal aid leaders
  • enhance one’s ability to participate in community wide advocacy processes.

Sessions typically included in MIE’s Leadership Training include: Leadership – What It Means to Me; Traits of Effective Leaders; Analyzing and Meeting Clients’ Advocacy Needs; Designing and Managing Projects; Nuts and Bolts of Leading and Managing the Legal Aid Program; Conversation with National Leaders and other Leaders from Legal Aid Programs; Effective Communication Techniques; Teamwork; Managing Change; Cultural Competence

MIE has designed and conducted Leadership Training programs for the Legal Services Corporation of Virginia; Legal Services of New York City; Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation; and the National Disability Rights Network. MIE includes components of Leadership Training throughout its trainings and conferences.