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MIE Fundraising Project

Welcome Legal Aid Fundraisers and Executive Directors! We are experienced fundraising professionals who work exclusively for legal aid and access to justice organizations. We bring strong resource development skills plus a wealth of information and experience about what works and doesn't work for organizations like yours. We can provide you with the training, consulting and networking opportunities that you need to increase resources for your program!

Fundraisers Listserv:

The only listserv specifically designed for those raising funds for legal aid.

  • "Quickie" consultations by phone or e-mail: Get specific, quick, expert advice for relatively "easy" problems, or explore possible strategies for solving bigger issues. A complimentary service for MIE subscribers.
  • In-depth services: For those wanting more extensive resource development consulting services from a legal aid fundraising expert. For example, do you want to:
    • Develop a new private fundraising campaign?
    • Expand a strong on-going campaign?
    • Recharge a stagnant effort?
    • Develop a strategic resource development plan?
    • Help your board members and volunteers develop their fundraising skills and interest in fundraising?
    • Hire a development director?
  • Not sure what you need? We provide an initial consultant to subscribe organizations at no cost. You provide us with some basic information about your budget, resource development experience and sample materials. we will talk with you, provide some analysis, and help identify your next steps.
  • Click here to email MIE for more information about our fundraising consulting and training services.
  • MIE's National Fundraising Conference: A yearly opportunity for legal aid fundraisers and executive directors to come together to improve your understanding, sharpen your skills and gain the inspiration you need to become more successful in today's competitive fundraising environment. Top-notch resource development consultants join with seasoned legal aid fundraisers to offer plenary sessions, workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities, with a special emphasis on private fundraising. 
  • Recorded Webinars: The best of information brought to you in an affordable and convenient way, MIE's recorded webinars include "The Magical World of Planned Giving", "Your Donor Communications: The Amazing Do-It-Yourself Audit", and more.
  • Custom Training for your board and/or development staff: To help your board and staff develop stronger fundraising skills.

Find information on issues of importance to legal services fundraisers:

MIE's Resource Development Consultant:

Meredith McBurneyYour initial contact for resource development consulting will be with Meredith McBurney, who will work with you to determine the level of consulting services needed and identify the best MIE consultant to assist you.

Meredith has spent most of her professional career working for access to justice and legal services organizations as a staff person, consultant and volunteer, specializing in resource development. Before becoming a consultant fourteen years ago, she spent fifteen years as the Executive Director of the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado, Colorado's statewide fundraising organization, where she successfully raised funds from individuals, law firms, foundations, and various public sources. She also served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Lawyer Trust Account Foundation, Colorado's IOLTA program, so she also has experience in grant-making and program evaluation.

To get started, click here, or contact Kesha James, MIE Executive Director,