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Subscribe to Management Information Exchange's Services

All Legal Services Corporation‐funded, IOLTA‐funded, pro bono, Older Americans Act, protection and advocacy, and similar legal assistance organizations serving low income clients are invited to subscribe.

A yearly subscription to MIE's services entitles you to:

  • Reduced fees for MIE trainings and conferences, virtual and in person. With your many staff members, this savings really adds up!
  • Full access to the library on the MIE website, with examples of best policies and procedures from your legal aid colleagues across the country.
  • Individual log-ins to the MIE e-Library are available now for each staff member
  • The quarterly MIE Journal, print and online, including decades of archives.
  • Free individual consultants for fundraising and management consulting, and contracting at reduced rates for extended MIE consulting services.
  •  and more
Total Program Budget Subscription Rate Copies of MIE Journal
$0 - $500,000 $300 One
$500,000 - $1million $400 Two
$1million - $2million $650 Three
$2million - $4million $850 Four
$4million - $6million $950 Five
over $6million $1200 Six
Law Library/Individual $250 One

Additional Subscriptions to the MIE Journal are $40 per year. 
This subscription is an eligible expense with LSC funding.


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