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Winter 2005 - Individual Articles

Title Date Description File
Special Feature Bundle Winter 2005: Navigating the Learning Curve - Training and Professional Development 1/29/14

All the MIE Journal articles from Winter 2005's Special Feature: Navigating the Learning Curve - Training and Professional Development... Read more

Moving Beyond the Basics: 3/13/12 Improving Advocacy Supervision to Deliver Great Legal Services. By Jacquelynne Bowman, Deputy Director, Greater Boston Legal Services. Download
Legal Aid University 3/13/12 By Ada Shen-Jaffe, Shari Zimble adn Ellen Hemley Download
Guiding Light: A Tribute to Dennis Bricking 3/13/12 By Rusty Von Keller Download
From the Journal Committee 3/13/12 Information on this issue. Download
Moving Beyond Funder Driven Outcomes or 3/13/12 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Outcome Measures. By Robert A. Nasdor, Executive Director, Legal Assistance Copr of Central MA. Download
Crossword Puzzle: 3/13/12 Anagra-Mania Download
Some Thoughts on Giving Supervisory Feedback 3/13/12 By Dennis L. Rockway, Director of Advocacy and Training, Legal AId Foundation of Los Angeles. Download
Internal Marketing: The Importance of Talking to Yourself 3/13/12 By Roger S. Lennert, Director, Marketing and Development, LADA, Inc. Download
Creating a Management Institute: 3/13/12 Better Managers will Mean Better Service. By Deierdre L. Weir, Executive Director, Legal AId and Defender Association. Download
Providing Access to Justice for Limited English Proficient Clients 3/13/12 By Vanessa Lee, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles Download
Worth A Look! 3/13/12 MIE's Website Download
What Should I Be Able to Do on My Computer Each Day? 3/13/12 by Klaus SItte, Executive Director, Montana Legal Services Association. Download
What Causes Trouble: A Few Lessons from the Field 3/13/12 By Neil McBride, General Counsel, LAS of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. Download
Professional Development - Criteria and Opportunities 3/13/12 By Eugene King, Managing Attorney, Ohio State Legal Services Association. Download
Webex - 3/13/12 An Excellent Tool for Techno - Trouble Shooting, Long Distance Communication, and Internal Training. By Sue Encherman, Director of... Read more Download
Pro Bono Corner: Working Effectively with Pro Bono Clients: 3/13/12 Three Steps to a Less Frustrating, More Rewarding Experience. By Martha Delaney, JD, Volunteer Lawyers Network, and Scott Russell. Download
Robert's Rules of Order Revisited 3/13/12 By Gurdon Buck and Norman K. Janes. Download