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Time Management for Legal Aid Lawyers

Recorded May 20

Do you manage multiple tasks, technology and people? What are your time management challenges? How can you work smarter, not just more hours? And emerge with a clean desktop?

With this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss your time management challenges
  • Develop regular planning practices for effective use of time
  • Manage multiple in-baskets, especially email
  • Organize paper and electronic files for easy recovery
  • Use effective “to do” lists and calendars
  • Take advantage of a daily “priority hour”
  • Communicate your time management practices effectively

David Cruickshank, partner with Edge International, and longtime advisor to private lawyers and legal aid lawyers on time management and much more, will offer this very practical webinar to help you get organized, prioritize demands and control distractions. David presented on this topic at MIE's 2014 managers conference was rated “Excellent!” by those who attended.

Gene King is the former director of the Ohio Public Law Center and was a legal aid lawyer and manager for more than 30 years. He is now consulting on staff development and policy advocacy with legal aid programs and nonprofit advocacy groups and will be facilitating this webinar.

$50 for MIE subscribers; $75 for non-subscribers.  For this registration, you may gather multiple  staff to view the presentation around one computer.  Multiple computers and multiple offices require separate registrations.

Please pay below or send at check to MIE, PO Box 27010 ,7782 Crittenden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Please use the PO Box followed by the street address. Upon payment you will be given a link to the webinar and PowerPoint presentation, and log in information.  If you have questions, email

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