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Challenging Supervision Issues in Legal Aid - Registration


Fees:  MIE subscribers $75 - Non-subscribers $100

Challenging Supervision Issues in Legal Aid:  An MIE Webinar with

Katherine W. Shank, Director, Volunteer Services Unit, LAF Chicago

Lisa Krisher, Director of Litigation, Georgia Legal Services Program

Adolfo Olivas, Senior Attorney - Manager, Immigration Law Team, The Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio LLC

Legal aid managers and supervisors face challenging supervision issues on a daily or weekly basis.  Often, the issues are challenging to us because we have not experienced them previously. But, in most cases other supervisors have faced these, or similar, issues and have developed effective strategies to analyze and manage them.

Have you:

  • Supervised an attorney who resisted supervision or change? 
  • Implemented policy changes that staff did not like?
  • Managed a significant expansion or reduction in staffing?
  • Supervised a lawyer who wanted you to be involved in every decision?
  • Worked with office mates who gossiped and stirred up trouble?
  • Managed a staff member addicted to drama?
  • Supervised a lawyer who did not want to learn new skills or practice areas?

If you have faced challenges like these, this 90-minute webinar offers you the chance to pose your supervision issue to our panel of experienced legal aid managers and learn how they analyze it and how they would address it.

As a part of the registration for this webinar, participants will be asked to answer the questions below.

  1. What is your most challenging management or supervision issue? Why is it challenging?  Describe when and how it arises.  Include as many details as possible to help the panel understand the issue.
  1. What is the most frustrating part of your job as a manager?  Why is it frustrating? How have you tried to deal with these issues? Describe when and how they arise.  Include as many details as possible to help the panel understand the issue.

The panel will select several of the challenges identified to address in the webinar.   In order to encourage candor and comfort, we will redact any identifying information from the question and not identify of the questioner or their program. We may set the stage for a question with an introduction along the lines of, “The next question comes from a middle manager in an urban program with multiple offices.”

For each challenging issue selected, our speakers will:

  • Describe the issue and explore underlying considerations;
  • Discuss why it is both challenging and important;
  • Identify factors to consider in analyzing the issue;
  • Identify the risks of ignoring it; and
  • Offer a variety of strategies to address it.


Upon payment, you will be given a link to the webinar and PowerPoint presentation, and log in information. If you have questions, email

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