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MIE Board of Directors Training Toolkit - Free

An Introduction to Do-It-Yourself Board Development by the ED & Board Chair

December 16, 2011

The twenty minute webinar previewing MIE’s new Board of Directors Training Toolkit was held on December 16, 2011. Executive Directors - join forces with your Board Chair to strengthen the effectiveness of your Board of Directors in governing your legal aid program. Links to this webinar and the Powerpoint presentation are below.

The MIE Board of Directors Training Toolkit includes:

  • Four modules with fiduciary, leadership and education content on:
    • Mission and Program Services
    • Financial Oversight and Development
    • Planning and Accountability
    • Organizational Leadership Development
  •  Tools and Resources gathered together at at Library/MIE Trainings and Conferences/ Board of Directors Training
  • A Guide to Assessing Your Board’s Effectiveness and Training Needs, online and printed
  • A Webinar or Presentation for each module that introduces the key concepts of the module
  • A Guide to Discussion on the key concepts of each module
  • Two hours of Telephone Consultation/coaching to help you design a training plan, answer questions, and keep your project on track
  • A sample Board Development Calendar
  • Access by the Executive Director and Board of Directors to MIE Consultant Services

Embark on a training program tailored to your specific needs, located within your legal aid program, involving all Board Members and key staff, working together over time. Watch this webinar, review the powerpoint handout, then click here to purchase the training toolkit, only $495 for MIE subscribers and $795 for non-subscribers. Or, contact MIE to discuss reasonable fees for a consultant or for coaching to deliver this training toolkit.  If you have questions, email

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What our participants have to say about MIE Board of Director Training!

Read CEO of Legal Aid of Northwest Texas Joel K.B. Winful's endorsement letter.

"I like best the various ideas that were brainstormed and which were provided to us as "Next Steps." Great job! That list is comprehensive and very valuable; even if only half the ideas materialize, it would still significantly enhance our effectiveness." - Board Member of Legal Services Alabama