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Supervising Legal Work

MIE - Supervising Legal Work TrainingThe legal aid supervisor's role is multidimensional. Supervising Legal Work training offers opportunities for supervision skill-building through large group instruction and demonstration, and small group exercise and discussion. Core supervision concepts include: the role of the legal aid supervisor; performance feedback; supervision systems; diversity and supervision; workplans; supervision and leadership; designing and managing projects; and supervision in the real office. The knowledge offered by the experienced supervisor-trainers is enhanced by the sharing of ideas with colleagues who grapple with similar supervision challenges in their daily work.

MIE has held Supervising Legal Work trainings throughout the country for fifteen years, training over 1400 supervisors. These trainings have truly changed the culture around supervision in legal aid. This is what participants say about their experiences at MIE Supervising Legal Work trainings:

  • I look forward to putting into practice some of the great supervision systems and performance feedback techniques that I learned.
  • I learned you don't have to wing it! There are materials and other legal services attorneys willing to help you become a better supervisor.
  • I learned how to better manage my time as a supervisor in order to make sure others were managing their time better!
  • I especially appreciated the host of practical, thoughtful; suggestions from my small group for dealing with my most challenging staff.  Hearing the perspective of other supervisors who have faced their own challenges and have a little distance from mine was extremely helpful.
  • I learned that being an effective suprvisor requires more time and attention than I have (currently) allocated and will strive to incorporate the lessons learned so new supervisors/leaders can emerge within our organization.
  • This training not only reaffirmed some of the best practices I have been using as a supervisor, but also updated me with some new tools and strategies. The small group experience is invalubale and our members plan to continue to be a resource to one another going forward. 
  • I came away from this training with tools, techniques, and insights that will enable me to take my organization to the next level.
  • Overall this was one of the best trainings of any sort I have attended.
  • Legal services needs to take management and supervision more seriously and this is a great start.  
  • Small group exercises were used to apply the lectures/demonstrations on particular topics.  This was a really helpful response to the plight of “middle management.”  
  • I liked the lectures and the opportunity to practice.  Very practical ideas, skills I urgently need.
  • The work plan development and discussion was tops.  It was incredible to think about this stuff.  
  • The roundtable/peer input part of this training was very helpful.  Integrating real tasks (design a work plan, plot a project) into training was very effective.  Not only did it give us an opportunity to put new skills into practice - but it also worked to show how effective those skills can be.  
  • This is the sort of training that will cause me to reflect on the choices I make, the priorities I set, and the way my office runs for many months.  
  • Feedback from peers and instructors with experiences similar to what I face day-to-day on my job was the best.
  • The materials were great.
  • I would recommend that all our managers go back for a refresher if they haven’t been for a while.
  • Great program, obviously the result of much planning and effort.  Thanks to all planners.