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Summer 2010 - Individual Articles

Title Date Description File
Special Feature Bundle Summer 2010: Finding the Next Great Legal Issues - And the Time to Take Them On 1/30/14

All the MIE Journal articles from Summer 2010's Special Feature: Finding the Next Great Legal Issues - And the Time to Take Them On in... Read more

Worth a Look! 3/13/12 Noteworthy resources submitted by readers including: Grant Thornton report: National Board Governance Survey for Not-for-Profit... Read more Download
Managing the Ohio Foreclosure Project: Challenges and Collaboration 3/13/12 Special Feature Article by Linda Cook, Consumer Law Attorney, Ohio Poverty Law Center Download
Legal Services NYC's Leadership Institute: Transformative Results 3/13/12 by Raun Rasmussen and Andrea Zigman Download
Fundraising: A $5 Million Success in the Great Recession 3/13/12 by Tina Owen, Development Manager, and Jim Barrett, Executive Director, Pisgah Legal Services Download
Planning for the Future Instead of the Past 3/13/12 Special Feature Article by Melissa Lindsay, Equal Justice Works Fellow, and Eugene R. King, Director, Ohio Poverty Law Center Download
Crossword Puzzle: Rearview Mirror 3/13/12 by Pat McIntyre Download
Building Blocks for New Areas of Practice: 3/13/12 The Story of the Mississippi Center for Justice's Campaign to Advance Economic Security for Elders. Special Feature Article by Bonnie... Read more Download
Message from the MIE Executive Director, 3/13/12 Patricia Pap Download
Administrators: Easy Ways to Make Money for Your Program Today 3/13/12 by Nancy Hopper, Director of Administration, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, and Eric Mittelstadt, Deputy Director, Utah Legal... Read more Download
Attorney Fees in an LSC Program: A Management Perspective 3/13/12 Special Feature Article by Dave Pantos, Executive Director, Legal Aid of Nebraska Download
Key Questions and Considerations Involved... 3/13/12 in State Deliberations Concerning an Expanded Civil Right to Counsel by Lonnie Powers, Jim Bamberger, Gerry Singsen, and De Miller Download
Serving Immigrants as Immigrants 3/13/12 Special Feature Article by Joann Lee, Directing Attorney, Asian & Pacific Islander Community Outreach Unit, and Michael J. Ortiz,... Read more Download
Facilitating Executive Director Transition: 12/3/13

Some Lessons for the Transitioning Executive Director by Beth Greenland, Leadership Coach, Greenland & Associates

Book Review: 3/13/12 The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, by Atul Gawande (Reviewed by: Paul E. Furrh, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Lone Star... Read more Download
Using Fellowships as a Springboard for New Program Development 3/13/12 Special Feature Article by Miriam Aukerman, Re-entry Law Project, Legal Aid of Western Michigan Download
Walking Before Running: 3/13/12 Implementation of a Right to Counsel in Civil Cases by John Pollock, ABA Section on Litigation Civil Right to Counsel Fellow, Public... Read more Download
Communications: Communication Planning 3/13/12 by Gayla Machell, Director of Marketing & Development, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma Download