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Summer 2006 - Individual Articles

Title Date Description File
Special Feature Bundle Summer 2006: Focus on Boards: Roles, Responsibilites and Impact 1/30/14

All the MIE Journal articles from Summer 2006's Special Feature: Focus on Boards: Roles, Responsibilites and Impact in one document.... Read more

Puzzle: 3/13/12 The Play's the Thing. Download
Supervising Legal Work Writing 3/13/12 By Raun Rasmussen, Chief Litigation and Advocacy, Legal Services for New York City. Download
Serving Legal Services as a Client Board Member 3/13/12 By Marie Boothe Download
Administrator: A Need and a Challenge- 3/13/12 Planning Meaningful Training for Support Staffs. By Mary Rea, Publications and Support Staff Training Coordinator, Minnesota Legal Services... Read more Download
From the MIE Chair 3/13/12 Article outlining theme of this issue. Download
Why Funders Care About Boards 11/11/15

By Linda K. Rexer, Executive Director, Michigan State Bar Foundation, and Karen J. Sarjeant, Vice President for Programs and Compliance... Read more

What Do You Think of Your Board? 3/13/12 What Does Your Board Think of You? By Adrienne Worthy, Linda Rexer, and Patricia Pap. Download
Teaching Ethics in a Legal Services Context 3/13/12 By Toby Rothschild, General Counsel, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Download
Board Member Meeting Round-Up 3/13/12 By Adrienne Worthy, Executive Director, Legal Aid of West Virginia. Download
Fundraising: Death, Taxes and Your Planned Giving Program 3/13/12 By Tamar Lewis, Director of Major Gifts, Greater Boston Legal Services. Download
Looking Back Ten Years From the Perspective of a State Planning Entity 3/13/12 By Christine E. Crowell, Chair, Washington State Access to Justice Board, and Joan E. Fairbanks, Director, Washington Access to Justice... Read more Download
Board of Directors of Legal Services: Responsibilities and Expectations 3/13/12 By Guy Lescault Download
Creating a Cohesive Law Firm: 3/13/12 Taking Advantage of a Program's Expanded Resources. By Neil McBride, General Counsel, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the... Read more Download
Evaluating the Executive Director 3/13/12 by Mary Heidkamp, D. Min. Download
Technology: Technology Tips and Tools: 3/13/12 50 Ways to Work Better, Faster, and Cheaper (part 2). By Joyce Alexander, Glenn Rawdon, and Hugh Calkins. Download
Ten Years on the Web 3/13/12 By Allison McDermott, Becky Levine, and Hugh Calkins. Download
My Perspectives as a Client Board Member 3/13/12 By Tina Faber Download
Book Review: Abolishing Performance Appraisals: 3/13/12 Why They Backfire and What to do Instead. Reviewed by Betty L. Nordwind, Executive Director, Harriet Buhai for Family Law. Download
Special Feature: Focus on Boards: Roles, Responsibilities and Impact 3/13/12 Summer 2006 Journal special feature compilation on boards Download
A Conversation with an Expert: Margaret Linnane 3/13/12 Interview with Margaret Linnane Download