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Fall 2012 - Individual Articles

Title Date Description File
Special Feature Bundle Fall 2012: Beyond Cases Closed: The Latest in Outcome Measurement in Legal Aid 1/30/14

All the MIE Journal articles from Fall 2012's Special Feature: Beyond Cases Closed: The Latest in Outcome Measurement in Legal Aid in... Read more

From the Journal Committee 9/24/12

by Dave Pantos, Executive Director, Legal Aid of Nebraska, MIE Journal Committee

Serving Those Who Serve 9/24/12

Some Thoughts on Legal Services to Veterans and Military Families by Nan Heald, Executive Director, Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Document Nurturing the Next Generation of Poverty Lawyers 9/24/12

Best Practices for Hiring Law Interns and Entry-Level Lawyers by Deb Ellis and Michele Storms

Who is Responsible for the Board Doing a Good Job? 9/24/12

by Jan Masaoka

The Community College Lawyer 9/24/12

Working to Eradicate Poverty in Partnership with The Single Stop USA Community College Initiative by Margaret F. Zehren, Deputy Director... Read more

Book Review 9/24/12

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, by The Arbinger Institute; Reviewed by Eric Mittelstadt, Deputy Director, Utah... Read more

Crossword Puzzle: Keeping Track 9/24/12

by Patrick McIntrye

Worth a Look! 9/24/12

by Joann Lee, Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Resource Development: The Art of Storytelling 9/24/12

Using Client Stories in Fundraising by Sandra Hansberger, Executive Director, Campaign for Equal Justice

A Return Visit to a Familiar Corner 9/24/12

What to Make of the Renewed Conversation Concerning Trying to Measure "Outcomes" of Legal Aid Representation. Special Feature Article by... Read more

Measuring Outcomes: Beyond Bean Counting 9/24/12

Special Feature Article by Alex Gulotta, Executive Director, and Laurel Henneman, Foundation Relations, Legal Aid Justice Center

Our Goals Must Lead the Way 9/24/12

Thinking Clearly About Measuring Outcomes in Legal Services. Special Feature Article by Catherine C. Carr, Executive Director, Community... Read more

Burden or Benefit 9/24/12

The Role of Systematic Data Collection in Achieving Strategic Outcomes. Special Feature Article by Alisa Neary, Los Angeles City... Read more

Document An Outcome Measurement System 9/24/12

Beyond Reporting to Funders. Special Feature Article by Colleen M. Cotter, Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

Document Tempering the Need to Measure Outcomes with Common Sense 9/24/12

Hotlines as a Case in Point. Special Feature Article by Jan Allen May, Executive Director, AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly

The Justice Index: Measuring Access to the Courts 9/24/12

Special Feature Article by Laura Abel and David Udell