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2014 Strengthening Advocacy with Management and Supervision for Fast Changing Times

Title Date Description File
Supervision in the Real World – Taking It All Back Home 6/22/14

This session will explore how to take what you have learned at this conference and implement it in our own office and organization. It... Read more

Managing Grants – the Middle Manager’s Role – A Guide to Successful Projects Without Losing Sleep 6/22/14

A key role of a middle manager is to plan, implement, manage and evaluate program projects and grants. Each phase of the process is... Read more

Technology Policies and Practice in the Age of the Cloud 6/22/14

Technology is changing the practice of law every day as new devices, programs and apps make communications and information sharing... Read more

Managing Up 6/22/14

Do you ever feel caught in the middle? Do you wish you could better deal with upper managers and supervisors? Come to this session to... Read more

Delegation and Supervision Skills 6/22/14

As a manager and supervisor you regularly supervise other legal and non-legal staff. What are your delegation habits? What are the costs... Read more

Coordinating Advocacy Across Offices or Different Programs 6/22/14

This session will reflect on how a program can take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to advocacy by encouraging collaboration... Read more

Advanced Supervision Topics: A Roundtable 6/22/14

This session will provide an opportunity for an informal roundtable discussion of supervision issues and challenges that you face in... Read more

If Lions Could Speak: An Introduction to Racial Apologetics 6/22/14

In this session you will learn how to talk and think about race differently. Our goal is for you to feel confident when engaged in... Read more

Time Management for Lawyers 6/22/14

Legal aid managers and supervisors must be effective timekeepers in order to manage multiple tasks, technology and people. What are your... Read more

Developing Program Documents that Reflect Supervision Aspirations 6/22/14

Hiring, performance standards, and employee evaluations – Do you have adequate tools to define, communicate, and carry out your program’... Read more

Volunteers: Are They Worth the Trouble? 9/18/14

This session will explore how to make efficient use of volunteers and get the most out of their limited time or experience.  Presenters... Read more

Project Sustainability and Evaluation 6/22/14

Many organizations are effective at developing and obtaining funding for special projects, but run into problems implementing and... Read more

From Concept To Implementation – Designing Projects For Success 6/22/14

Legal practice often involves more than representing individual clients. Project design and management skills can help us to become more... Read more

Using a CMS to Improve Legal Work Supervision 6/22/14

So, you’re in love with your case management system . . . but what has it done for you lately? Sure, it is helpful in monitoring the... Read more

There's a Map for That: Geo Mapping Applications for Legal Advocacy 6/22/14

The session will introduce case studies and examples of how to integrate the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis into... Read more

Attendance, Performance and Employee Legal Protections 6/22/14

Managers and supervisors are expected to monitor and enforce their organization’s policies regarding attendance and job performance.... Read more

Managing Fluctuating Resources in an Uncertain World 6/22/14

Learn how to develop a plan to respond to shifts in funding. In this session, we will review some tools to understand your resources and... Read more

Outcomes and Client-Focused Goals 6/22/14

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland and Colorado Legal Services use outcome measurement systems that are fairly complex and rooted in... Read more

The Role of the Manager 6/22/14

Are you new to middle management or perhaps not so new but still not clear on what the expectations are for you as a middle manager?... Read more

Maintaining Your Sanity While Managing Difficult Conversations (and Difficult People) 6/22/14

This session will unpack the behind-the-scenes feelings and motivations that lead to bad outcomes after difficult conversations. Working... Read more

Plenary on Performance Management: An Integrated Systems Approach for Achieving Individual and Organizational Results 6/22/14

Managing performance and developing staff to achieve outstanding results is one of the key responsibilities -- and greatest challenges... Read more

Plenary Workshop: Identify and Leverage Your Strengths: A Workshop Using Your Own Online Strengths Assessment 6/22/14

By Beverly L. Weise, President, of Leadership Talent Solutions

When individuals spend more time working from their strengths than... Read more