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Staff Attorney


The Intake Services Unit of Maryland legal Aid announces a full-time intake staff attorney position available to qualified applicants.

Duties and Responsibilities: The intake staff attorney serves an essential function in Legal Aid’s delivery of high quality services to the poor and is usually the first point of contact for clients. The attorney will be part of a team who interview applicants, answer questions, and provide legal assistance in person, online and by telephone. Services include providing legal information on civil cases particularly in the areas of Maryland Domestic Law. Legal assistance will include advice, referrals, follow-up brief service such as reviewing legal papers, helping clients fill out forms, write letters, prepare for court, or strategize on next steps. Representation may also include informal negotiations on behalf of clients. When appropriate, the intake staff attorney will prepare the case for referral to a substantive law unit for further representation. Staff attorneys may be expected to work with other attorneys, law graduates, legal assistants/ paralegals, social workers, and students. The attorney will maintain case files in accordance with Legal Aid standards.

Tasks assigned to staff attorneys may include any or all but are not limited to the following: 1. Screen clients for eligibility and make referrals, as appropriate. 2. Conduct preliminary and subsequent interviews with clients, primarily a phone advice/ intake position, answering law calls in the area of Maryland family law as well as the Family Law Hotline. 3. Conduct factual investigation and analysis and legal research. 4. Advise clients of results of investigation and research and counsel clients. 5. If assigned, prepare pleadings, including but not limited to, complaints, answers, memoranda of law, briefs, etc. 6. If assigned, develop case theory and strategy for the representation of clients. 7. If assigned, prepare cases and represent clients in negotiation. 8. Work with various community groups and accept speaking engagements as assigned by supervisor. 9. Continue professional development and education through attendance at Legal Aid- sponsored training and other programs. 10. Perform other duties, as assigned within the scope of the essential functions of the position.


Qualifications: Highly motivated and willing to work with a team. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to work in fast-paced environment. Commitment to mission of Legal Aid. Experience in Maryland Domestic Law. Admitted to practice in the State of Maryland, or admitted in another jurisdiction, graduate of an ABA approved law school and eligible for admission in the State of Maryland. Out-of-State attorneys must be able and available to take next scheduled bar exam following date of employment. 


Submission Deadline: 
June 5, 2019
Organization Information: 
Maryland Legal Aid
500 East Lexington Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
United States