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Managing Attorney


The purpose of this position is to manage staff attorneys, paralegals and support staff within a designated location.
Essential Functions: 1. Carries a reduced caseload, depending on the needs of the office for supervision and management.
2. Sets a positive tone and example by adhering to office hours, exhibiting a strong work ethic, communication and treating clients with courtesy and respect, provides job performance feedback as needed.
3. Serves as the formal supervisor (for labor relations purposes) of all advocates in the office. a. Arranges for daily supervision of all staff, using supervising attorneys where appropriate. b. Conducts regular reviews/discussions of individual advocates’ cases. c. Serves as, or arranges for mentor for new advocates during their first year of practice (see Addendum for description of mentors’ duties). d. Keeps informed about current work and workloads of advocates, making adjustments in work assignments as needed. e. Is accessible to office advocates to answer questions and solve problems. f. Arranges for reviews of all substantial written work of advocates prior to filing. g. To the extent practicable, attempts to be actively involved in the work being performed by other advocates in the office. h. Reviews all closed cases to determine if they have been handled at the optimum level of service. When the case is closed, make an entry into the Legal Server “Managing Attorney Closing Review”.
4. Participates in performance evaluations of staff as assigned.
5. Manages case acceptance/assignment process, using regular office meetings and/or other processes.
6. Plans and monitors an appropriate client outreach system for the office.
7. Reviews and attempts to resolve all client complaints about service or denial of service by the local office.
8. Monitors and promotes accessibility of the local office to clients, including rural clients, non-English speaking clients and disabled clients.
9. Makes decision promptly, delegating authority and obtaining input from staff where appropriate.
10. Regularly meets with PAI coordinator to review cases where representation has been denied.
11. Promotes good relations with public, including client groups, service providers, press and private bar, attending/speaking at local meetings as appropriate.
12. Participates in hiring process for all local staff.
13. Participates actively and constructively in legal work management meetings, decision, etc.
14. Provides timely reports and data upon request for grant application, fundraising, public relations and other programs’ needs.
15. Keeps central administration informed of issues relating to effectiveness of the office and individual staff.
16. Develops and maintains familiarity with FRLS policies, as well as requirements of LSC and other funders, and enforces these policies and requirements within the local office.
17. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Demonstrated commitment to advocacy on behalf of people in poverty. 2. Excellent oral and written communication skills and evidence of aggressive advocacy. 3. Barred in Florida. 4. A minimum of 5 years of experience in a legal service- public interest environment, as well as experience in federal court practice. 5. Strong management, organizational, and leadership skills, including the ability to develop, implement, and supervise a wide range of activities simultaneously. 6. Some knowledge of the legal system, commitment to the mission of FRLS and compassion for the clients. 7. Ability to forge positive relationships with prospects and colleagues. 8. Good organizational, interpersonal and communication skills. 9. Ability to work collaboratively, yet independently. 10. Must be able to effectively and efficiently be able to maximize the use of existing resources. 11. Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) and CMS software. 12. Must be able to effectively communicate with peers, supervisors, clients and the public. 13. Must be able to effectively work in high-pressure situations which involve deadlines.

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December 27, 2018
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Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc.
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