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Housing Attorney


Virginia Legal Aid Society Job Description

Housing Attorney - Lynchburg




            Under the direction of the Managing Attorney of the Lynchburg Office, the Housing Attorney  plans, organizes and carries out the delivery of legal services to VLAS individual and group clients who present problems with eviction, foreclosure, housing conditions, and housing affordability. The Housing Attorney position is an entry level attorney position on the VLAS staff attorney salary scale. The occupant in this position is expected to practice law and gain experience under the supervision of more experienced attorneys. The work will include:


1.         Preparation of client cases to be brought before State and Federal courts.


2.         Representation of the client before the appropriate forum, with co-counseling by more- experienced attorney where necessary.


3.         Post trial follow-up and/or closure of cases after settlement has been reached.


4.         Performance of other related duties and assignments as required.


5.         Identify and address systemic issues affecting housing in our community.



DUTIES:        With reference to VLAS and ABA standards for legal practice, the Housing Attorney  will:


1.         Confirm client eligibility using standard VLAS eligibility guidelines.

2.         Establish the initial facts surrounding each case;


            - interview clients.

            - collect data from other appropriate sources including agencies, doctors, lawyers, etc.

            - visit appropriate agencies to check client files.

            - prepare written fact summaries.

            - maintain client files, documents, records and all other appropriate material to   case according to VLAS procedures.

3.         Prepare all aspects of the case for presentation before the appropriate forum:


            - research statutes, case law, and administrative procedure applicable to the   case.

            - draft, revise and/or finalize all necessary case documents including pleadings, briefs, discovery, notices, motions, and appropriate correspondence.

            - counsel clients; review case prior to hearings and trials.


            In all proceedings, the Housing Attorney must have all pleadings, briefs, notices and motions reviewed by the Managing Attorney or another experienced attorney before filing.

4.         Represent clients before appropriate forums including:


            - pretrial negotiations or other proceedings.

            - trials and hearings.


            All hearings and trials in a court of record must be conducted with the Managing Attorney or other experienced attorney as co-counsel unless and until the Managing Attorney finds co-counseling to be unnecessary.


5.         Prepare appeals where appropriate and represent clients in the appeals process before the appropriate forum, with the Managing Attorney or other experienced attorney as co-counsel.

6.         Prepare all necessary memos, summary sheets, documents, and other appropriate correspondence for closing the case.

7.         Attend training and task forces meetings relevant to his or her area of practice and Virginia MCLE requirements.

8.         Provide outreach and community legal education services to the area low-income community.

9.         Serve in VLAS practice groups and committees; participate in the setting up of program priorities and procedures and assist in implementing those priorities and procedures.

10.       Assist the Managing Attorney in maintaining relations with local bar associations and other community groups and organizations.

11.       Report to the Managing Attorney regularly and coordinate with the Managing Attorney on performance of all duties and responsibilities.

12.       Perform all other related duties and assignments.

13.       Complete activity reports for funding sources and timekeeping reports, as directed by the Managing Attorney.





To Apply: 

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and references to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.




Submission Deadline: 
December 10, 2020
Organization Information: 
Virginia Legal Aid Society
513 Church Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504
United States