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Farmworker Outreach Coordinator (Farmworker Team)

Farmworker Outreach Coordinator | Farmworker Team RIO GRANDE VALLEY Posted 6/09/2023

To be considered for this position, please apply by clicking on the Apply Now button. You will need to upload a cover letter, resume and list of references. Candidates should include in the application materials reference to all prior work experience relevant to the position that they are seeking to aid with the placement on TRLA’s salary scale.

The Farmworker Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the qualitative performance of all Texas-wide outreach-related activities by the Farmworker Team and for acting as the primary supervisor of all paralegals whose primary assignment is the Farmworker Team.  

The primary duties of the Farmworker Outreach Coordinator will include: 

 Acting as the primary supervisor of Texas-based paralegals whose primary assignment is the Farmworker Team, including: 

  • Assisting paralegals in devising work plans;  

  • Meeting with paralegals at least monthly to perform monthly case reviews and monitor implementation of the paralegals’ work plans; 

  • Ensuring that paralegals are familiar with and comply with grant reporting requirements; 

  • Communicating with team attorneys about assignments to and work on particular intakes and cases; 

  • Managing paralegals’ workloads, including appropriate allocation between case-related and outreach activities; 

  • Maintain the duty paralegal calendar; 

  • Conduct regular performance evaluations of paralegals; and 

  • Approve paralegals’ timesheets, requests for leave, travel-related requests, training requests, and expense reports. 


Serving as Funders’ point of contact/principal investigator for the various Farmworker Team outreach grants, including: 

  • Participating in required outreach funder meetings;  

  • Ensuring staffing of funder-provided trainings; and  

  • Providing relevant updates from funders to TRLA staff performing grant work. 


Serving as the Team’s liaison to TRLA’s Development, Grants, and Accounting staff to provide necessary information related to the Team’s various outreach grants, including: 

  • Identifying outreach grant opportunities; 

  • Providing team-related content to the development team for funding proposals;  

  • Training farmworker team staff on proper performance and reporting of each grant’s related activities and expenses; and 

  • Monitoring the accuracy of periodic data reporting by the farmworker team to assist development, grants, and accounting with complete and timely reporting of grant deliverables, including providing team accomplishments to highlight, gathering and submitting numerical data, and tracking and properly coding expenses incurred. 


Facilitating the Team’s development of monthly, quarterly, and annual outreach plans in Texas, including: 

  • Directing local, state, and national research to identify current and emerging issues faced by farmworkers; 

  • Assisting with training on, and development of, the data scraper and other tools for outreach planning and monitoring trends; 

  • Developing strategic farmworker outreach trip itineraries in conjunction with staff performing outreach;  

  • Developing criteria for tracking and recording the effectiveness of various forms of outreach, and adjusting outreach plans accordingly; 

  • Facilitating any travel arrangements needed for staff to outreach trips or events;  

  • Maintaining a master calendar of all Texas outreach performed by farmworker team staff and confirming coverage and availability of staff for all outreach events; and 

  • Identifying outreach priorities in conjunction with team attorneys and paralegals. 


Spearheading the development and dissemination of dual-language know-your-rights and community legal education materials for Texas farmworker offices, including: 

  • Coordinating content development for outreach materials; 

  • Purchasing and/or reproducing needed outreach supplies; 

  • Facilitating outreach supply distribution amongst various TRLA farmworker offices; and  

  • Approaching third parties (including existing and future partner organizations) about donating outreach supply materials or making contributions.   


Coordinating the training of Farmworker staff on how to properly conduct outreach, including: 

  • Developing outreach, including safety, protocols; 

  • Disseminating information-gathering tips; 

  • Ensuring compliance with the LSC and other applicable restrictions; 

  • Developing procedures for conducting field intakes; and 

  • Sharing information and training opportunities from other organizations, including about best practices for community engagement. 

  • Compile and provide a monthly outreach report at the Farmworker Team’s monthly meeting. 


Facilitating the Team’s maintenance and strengthening of relationships with current and future partners serving farmworker communities, including informing TRLA staff and partners about each other’s protocols for making and receiving referral requests. 


Coordinating with other TRLA teams, particularly the Employment Team, on joint outreach activities.


Conducting intake and providing other case-related assistance, including litigation support, to attorneys working on cases generated from TRLA’s outreach efforts. 




  • Fluency in English and Spanish is preferred but not required.                                                                                                        

  • Excellent verbal, reading, and writing skills.                                                                                   

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.        

  • Experience with non-profit grant management. 

  • Two years experience working in a law office. 

  • Good computer skills, especially with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.                                                        

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule (some evening and weekend work hours required).  

  • Valid driver’s license and ability to travel. 


This position is open to both attorneys and non-attorneys.

The Texas Farmworker Outreach Coordinator will report to one of the Labor and Employment Group’s managers. 

To Apply: 

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Submission Deadline: 
May 27, 2024
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