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Executive Director


The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the comprehensive administration and operation of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE), assuming a leadership role within the program. This position entails substantial responsibilities, including regular consultation with the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director collaborates closely with the Board, staff, clients, and the community to shape a compelling vision for ABLE's future. A central aspect of this role involves engagement with funding entities, social service agencies, judicial bodies, legal professionals, and stakeholders committed to advancing legal support for low-income individuals. Success in this role relies on exceptional expertise in legal matters, administrative proficiency, effective leadership, and strong supervision skills, all driven by a proactive approach and sound judgment.

The Executive Director is expected to establish a strong partnership with the Executive Director of Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO), as well as with the Toledo Bar Association and the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project. This collaboration involves aligning activities to ensure the efficient pursuit of organizational missions and reinforcing each other's efforts. Both Directors are to combine their expertise to maximize the streamlined execution of their duties within the framework set by the Legal Services Corporation.


•The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” a proven track record, with a minimum of 8+ years of comprehensive legal experience and extensive knowledge of law practice management or non-profit management. Prior legal experience in a non-profit setting is highly desirable. Their background should include a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics present in diverse communities and the ability to adeptly navigate these complexities. The candidate should also demonstrate a remarkable ability to skillfully maneuver through complex legal systems while passionately advocating for substantial and transformative change •The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” a proven ability to develop a compelling organizational vision for sustainable growth. They should excel in fostering strategic partnerships and introducing innovative initiatives aligned with an organization's mission and values. Balancing community impact with organizational needs and cultivating a strong team through inclusive leadership •The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” superior communication, presentation, and public speaking abilities. Their interpersonal skills should facilitate positive relationship management, demonstrating persuasiveness, negotiation, and diplomacy in their interactions.   •The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” exceptional proficiency in budget preparation and financial stewardship, supported by a track record of successfully managing financial resources in previous roles. Demonstrate a strong ability to allocate funds and diligently monitor financial performance effectively. •The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” a demonstrated proactive community engagement track record, consistently reaching out to and genuinely connecting with various stakeholders. Their compassion and empathy for underserved clients should be evident, showcasing a commitment to understanding and addressing their unique needs. They should be adept at effectively representing the community's interests, relating to diverse individuals, and thus enhancing the organization's impact and resonance within the community. •The ideal candidate is "Recommended to Have” a proven track record in fundraising strategy, grant management, spend-down oversight, and billing allocation. They should excel in developing comprehensive fundraising strategies aligned with ABLE’s mission, ensuring efficient grant utilization, optimizing budget allocation, and resourcefully managing billing processes •The ideal candidate is “Recommended to Have” a proven ability to cultivate relationships with a range of agencies, partners, and constituents. Demonstrating a track record of successful networking at municipal and federal levels with adeptness in engaging philanthropic members and skillful interfacing with local, state, and federal entities


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Christie Angel: (614) 302-7305

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December 25, 2023
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Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE)
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