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MIE National Fundraising Conference 2020 & Voices for Civil Justice Media Training


 MIE National Fundraising Conference 2020
& Voices for Civil Justice Media Training

 July 15, 16 and 17, 2020
Noon - 5:30 pm each day


A virtual conference with the organic feel of the legal aid fundraising conference experience.

Impressive speakers, dynamic sessions.

Fundraising and media training together in one.

View all sessions, live during the conference, and recorded in your own time.

This conference will deliver the learning, inspiration and community you gain from each legal aid fundraising conference.

This conference is for you if you are:

  • legal aid executive director,
  • development director and development staff, 
  • legal aid staff who is an aspiring fundraiser,
  • And a special opportunity to bring your board members!


This MIE National Fundraising Conference offers you:

  • Voices for Civil Justice Media Training – 7 sessions as part of this conference
  • Outstanding sessions with experts in the field
  • Interactive breakout sessions that will build your skills and inspire you to raise more money
  • Small group peer conversations on topics of your choosing
  • 30 Minutes with a Mentor
  • Social time and impromptu conversations
  • The opportunity to see all sessions, live and recorded

Session topics:

  • Identity-Based Fundraising: What Six Years of Research Revealed, by Tom Ahern
  • Writing a Powerful Case for Support, by Tom Ahern
  • Major Gift Basics for the Small Shop, by Robert C. Osborne, Jr.
  • Creating Powerful Major Gift Strategies that Result in “Yes”, by Robert C. Osborne, Jr.
  • Mobilize Your Board to Raise More Money, by Andy Robinson
  • Legal Community Campaign Issues during the Pandemic – A Session for Programs with Existing Campaigns
  • Attracting New Funders – Revising the Legal Aid Message to Show Your Relevance
  • Starting a Planned Giving Program
  • The Secret Life of Partnerships: Increased Opportunities to Raise Funds and Help Clients during the Covid-19 Crisis
  • And more!

Learn from the experts: 

Communications guru Tom Ahern, who wowed everyone when he spoke at our conference in 2012, is back!  In Identity-based Fundraising: What Six Years of Research Revealed, Tom will share the latest info from psychology and marketing to help us prepare more effective donor-centered communications.

Tom will also lead a session on writing a powerful case for support that will help us break through to all justice-loving people who would be willing to give to us if we answered better the question, “Why should I give you my hard-earned money?”



“Content was GREAT! Going to use much of what was discussed in my organization.  Loved his focus on emotions and words and their power in fundraising.”  Comment about Tom’s presentation from a 2012 evaluation

Andy Robinson will present on Mobilizing Your Board to Raise More Money – If your board isn't raising all the money it could -- indeed, if you're board isn't raising any money at all -- you're not alone. Join us as we try out the toolbox you can use to better engage your board.

Andy Robinson ( provides training and consulting for nonprofits in fundraising, board development, marketing, earned income, planning, leadership development, facilitation, and train-the-trainer programs. He specializes in the needs of organizations working for human rights, social justice, artistic expression, environmental conservation, and community development. Many of us have come to know him through his excellent book, Train Your Board (And Everyone Else) to Raise Money.


Robert C. Osborne, Principal, The Osborne Group, will be leading two sessions:

Major Gift Basics for the Small Shop

A small development office and a limited budget is no reason not to have a sophisticated major gift operation. This is especially true now in this time of both health and financial crisis.  Major gifts are more important then ever to maintaining revenue. But how do you cultivate and close major gifts in a highly competitive market?  In this session, learn how to run a powerful major gift program with limited resources. You’ll learn the basic principles of major gifts, how to ask important strategic questions of your donors, and how to create strong relationships that result in major gifts. This session is designed for major gift beginners or people who are considering creating a major gift program.


Creating Powerful Major Gift Strategies that Result in “Yes”

The world has changed and the market for giving has become much more competitive.  To compete, you’ll need to employ well thought-out strategy.  The best major gift strategies are based on engaging donors with our vision and building trust in our organization. In this session we will focus on how to apply these principles so that you are able to craft major gift strategies that are consistently successful. This session is for experienced major gift officers who are looking take their program to the next level.

Robert C. Osborne, Principal, The Osborne Group, specializes in organizational management, including strategic planning and scaling fundraising programs. With 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, he has served as the Director of Development for St. Aloysius School, Interfaith Neighbors and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Robert has conducted well-received workshops and keynote addresses for organizations all over the world, serves on the Advisory Board of the Czech Fundraising Center in Prague, Czech Republic and as an International Ambassador to the accelerator and incubator Impact Hub Belgrade in Serbia. Robert serves an advisor to a number of US based start-ups. Read more about Robert here.


Of course, we are planning a full range of conference sessions that will help us all to most effectively move forward out of the current situation to strong and effective fundraising post-crisis.

Each fundraising conference participant must register. If multiple staff are attending from your program, choose the discounted per person rate.
Registration Deadline: July 8, 2020

Early Bird Rates Available through June 19
MIE Subscribers one registrant: $450
MIE Subscribers multiple registrants, each: $400

Non-subscribers one registrant: $550
Non-subscribers multiple registrants, each: $500

Rates After June 19
MIE Subscribers one registrant: $475
MIE Subscribers multiple registrants, each: $425

Non-subscribers one registrant: $575
Non-subscribers multiple registrants, each: $525

Special Rates for Your Board Members
MIE Subscribers: $200
Non-subscribers: $300

July 15th, 2020 12:00 PM   through   July 17th, 2020 5:30 PM
Event Fee(s)
Early Bird Rates
MIE Subscribers one registrant $ 450.00
MIE Subscribers multiple registrants, each $ 400.00
Non-subscribers one registrant $ 550.00
Non-subscribers multiple registrants, each $ 500.00
Special Board Rates
MIE Subscribers $ 200.00
Non-subscribers $ 300.00